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Watch Electronic Bid Opening LIVE!

Previously, you could join the bid opening electronically however it was not available on your SmartPhone. The old method will be going away soon.


This new method allows you to join in from either your Computer or from your SmartPhone. This method is available NOW!

From your computer:

If you would like to view the bid opening for a given project from your computer, you can do so at In the ?Join A Meeting? box, type in SLC_PW_Bid_Opening and the site will bring you to the bid opening meeting.

From your SmartPhone:

Download the free app from the App Store. Click on the app. Click on the meeting code box under the green ?Join? title and type in SLC_PW_Bid_Opening and click ?Join? or ?Connect?. Once you have typed the meeting name in once, it will appear in the dropdown box for future times so you can select it from the dropdown. In order to hear the sound, you must click the telephone icon and select ?Call by phone?. Click on ?CALL? and the SmartPhone will make the phone call and dial the ?Conference ID? number for you for the meeting. You should then be able to see and hear the bid opening.