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Oversize/Overweight Permit Annual Permit Permit# A2013-0139, UID# 4971
App. Status: Expired
Valid: 06/10/2013 - 06/16/2013
St. Louis County
Public Works Department
4787 Midway Road
Duluth, MN 55811
(218) 625-3830


Applicant Name:
Brian P Foster
Company name:
Kirscher Transport
(218749 - 5100
Company phone:Company fax:
(218749 - 5100
(218749 - 8883
Company address:
2001 9th Ave N
Virginia MN
Insurance Company Name: Cottingham and Buttler
Amount Insured: $1,000,000.00


Vehicle License: pam1233
Vehicle state: mn
VIN: 1xkwpbex77j202883
USDOT Number: 075247
Vehicle Year: 2007
Vehicle Make: kenworth
Vehicle Type: Truck Tractor
Empty Weight: 25000.00 pounds
Registered Weight: 255000.00 pounds

Move Details



  • RIGHT OF WAY - When being passed by vehicles in either direction, no portion of equipment, vehicle or load shall extend beyond the center line of the pavement or traveled way. If the permittee is not able to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic or if vehicle/load will encroach into the oncoming traffic lane or if traffic must be directed and controlled, a police escort(s) is required and shall be operated in the manner prescribed in Minnesota Statute 169.20 Subd. 5. Care should be taken at all times to protect the traveling public. PARKING ON HIGHWAY - In event of breakdown, vehicles or equipment will be moved off the highway right of way and if not possible to do so immediately, flags, flares, lights and reflectors shall be of the type and placed as required by law. RESTRICTED ROAD/BRIDGE - Movement of vehicle/load exceeding posted limits during period of restriction is not authorized. HOURS/DAYS OF MOVEMENT - Movement shall be limited to the hours/days stated in the Special Provisions of this permit. RUSH HOUR MOVEMENT - If a load does not exceed 12'6" wide, 14' high, 95' long combination (or legal length single vehicle), then travel is allowed during the Duluth rush hour. DULUTH Area means TH 2 from TH 33 to the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. TH 23 from the City of Duluth south limits, north to its terminus; TH 33 from TH 2 south to its terminus; I-35 from St. Louis County Road 14 (Boundary Ave.) north to its terminus; all of THs 39 & 45; TH 53 from the west jct. with TH 194 to the Minnesota/Wisconsin border; TH 61 within the city limits of Duluth; all of TH 194; TH 210 from I-35 north and east to its terminus. There is no rush hour restriction on Saturday or Sunday. ADVERSE WEATHER AND HIGHWAY SURFACE CONDITIONS - Movement shall not be started if visibility is poor or if highway surfaces are hazardous or slippery. If movement has been started and adverse conditions, such as fog, heavy rain or snow, high or gusty winds, icy or other hazardous conditions develop the movement must be stopped until the condition becomes alleviated and/or permission to proceed has been given. No movement of mobile homes/modulars when wind exceeds 25 MPH. RESPONSIBILITY FOR STRUCTURES AND CLEAN-UP - The permittee shall comply with all regulations posted on any bridge, underpass or other structure over or under which he (they) shall travel, and shall assume all risks relative thereto. When tracked equipment or machinery is moving under its own power over aspaltic surface bridges, or railroad crossing, running planks of sufficient strength to protect the surface must be placed under the tracks and upon completion of such a crossing all foreign materials, shall be removed from the highway right of way or railroad bridge trackage. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS - The permittee shall carry an automobile insurance policy with the insured amount of $2,000,000 combined single limit (each accident): $500,000 for claims for wrongful death and each claimant for other claims and $1,500,000 each occurrence.The insurance policy must cover owned, non-owned and hired vehicles. The insurance policy must also name St. Louis County as an additional insured. LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE - The permittee is responsible for all liability for personal injury, property damage, or time lost, which may occur in relation to the movement and in the event any claim is made against St. Louis County, or and Department, Division officer or employee thereof through, by reason of or in connection with any act or omission; permittee shall defend, indemnify and hold them harmless from any claim. REPAIR OF DAMAGE - In accepting this permit, the permittee agrees to repair at his (their) own expense and to the satisfaction of the County Highway Engineer any damage to highways or structures. Work or repair may be done by the Division of Highway forces at the option of the County Highway Engineer. Cost of such work is to be borne by the permittee. OTHER JURISDICTION - AUTHORIZATION FOR MOVEMENT OVER STREETS AND ROADS, OTHER THAN THE COUNTY HIGHWAYS MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES UNDER WHOSE JURISDICTION SUCH STREETS AND ROADS COME. SPECIALIZED TRAFFIC CONTROL - When flag men are required to direct or control traffic, they must wear and use the required equipment, as well as direct and control traffic as is required by the most current Minnesota Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. EVALUATION OF MOVING ROUTE - It shall be the responsibility of the permittee to review the route of the move and verify the route is adequate to support the move. This review shall include, but not be limited to, the review of the available roadway width and overhead obstructions.

Hours of Operation
  • HOLIDAY TRAVEL: No travel permitted for the period of 2:00 pm to 2:00 am for the day before a weekday Holiday, or Friday before a Holiday falling on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. No travel permitted for the period of 6:00 am to 2:00 am for the day of a weekday Holiday, or Saturday, Sunday or Monday of a weekend Holiday. NON-SUMMER TRAVEL: No travel permitted for the period of 10:00 pm to 2:00 am for Labor Day through Memorial Day for each day; except for Holidays. SUMMER WEEKDAY TRAVEL: No travel permitted for the period of 10:00 pm to 2:00 am for Memorial Day through Labor Day during Monday through Thursday; except for Holidays. SUMMER FRIDAY TRAVEL: No travel permitted for the period of 2:00 pm to 2:00 am for Memorial Day through Labor Day; except Holidays. SUMMER SATURDAY TRAVEL: No travel permitted for the period of 10:00 pm to 2:00 am for Memorial Day through Labor Day; except for Holidays. SUMMER SUNDAY TRAVEL: No travel permitted for the period of 2:00 pm to 2:00 am for Memorial Day through Labor Day; except Holidays.

Special Limits
  • A) Only the motor vehicle noted on the Transportation Permit is authorized to use this permit. This permit is void if used by any other motor vehicle. B) When empty, the hauling vehicle and vehicle combination must be within legal dimensions. C) No over legal axle(s) or gross axle weight per Mn/Statute 169.825 over any bridge or road that is posted, even if the posting is not noted at the time of call-in for route approval. Must not exceed posted weight limit during Spring Road Restrictions within thos areas and/or zones that are posted. E) THIS PERMIT HAS NO EFFECT ON THE LICENSE AND REGISTRATION LAW IN MINNESOTA. Every vehicle must be registered for enough weight to cover the gross vehicle weight. F) It will be deemed the permittee never had a permit if any axle, axle group, or gross vehicle weight exceeds the weights authorized for a given move.

  • HAULING UNIT - All extendable units or equipment must be retracted to legal dimensions when not in use for the purpose of transporting an over dimension and/or over weight load unless otherwise specifically stated on the permit. USE OF FLAGS - Any projection extending more than 3 feet ahead of the front bumper, or 4 feet beyond the rear of the bed of a vehicle, or when a vehicle or combination of vehicles and/or loads exceeding 9 feet in width and/or 65 feet in length is required to display red, yellow or orange warning flags. Such flags must be at least 13 inches square and in good repair, securely attached at the extreme tip of overhang, whether front or rear, and at the corners and at the widest points so as to be clearly visible to approaching or overtaking traffic. Whenever long loads, beams, trusses, poles, or pipe are transported with pole dolly or steering dolly, warning flags shall be attached to the underside of the load spaced no more than 20 feet apart. At night, amber lensed lights, visible at least 500 feet, must be used in place of the required flags, except on the rear where the light must be red. USE OF SIGNS - When escort vehicles(s) are required, Wide Load and Long Load signs must be used and be at least 12 inches wide by 60 inches long, with 8 inch high, series C, with 1 and 1/8 inch stroke or larger, black letters on a yellow background. An Oversize Load sign in the required wording for all signs used on the towing vehicle and trailed vehicle or load. The Oversize Load sign must be at least 18 inches by 84 inches with 10 inch, series C, 1 and 5/8 inch stroke or larger, black letters on yellow. Sign must face oncoming traffic, be mounted at least 5 feet above the road on the towing vehicle, rear of the trailed vehicle or load, and escort(s). Wide load or Oversize Load sign to be used with all vehicles or loads exceeding 12 feet 0 inches in width. Long Load or Oversize Load sign to be used with all vehicles or loads exceeding 95 feet in length when width is 12 feet 0 inches or less. Signs must be lighted and legible at least 500 feet for all night moves. Whenever signs are required, tow disc type 4 inch diameter lights showing amber to the front and amber or red to the rear must be mounted at least 20 inched above the ground as far apart as practical. These lights must flash simultaneously at a rate of 60 to 90 flashes per minute and be visible at least 500 feet. Signs shall not extend beyond the line of the fenders on the left side nor more than 6 inches beyond the fender line on the right side of the escort vehicle. When escorts are used, escorts and permitted rig(s) must have radio communication. BRAKE REQUIREMENTS - All requirements relating to brakes and method of use must be complied with accordance with State Law. TOWING EQUIPMENT - The trailers, towed vehicles, and equipment are to be hitched in such manner so they will track on turns and not whip while being towed. It is the responsibility of the permittee that the towing vehicle is adequate and safe to handle the movement. SIDE OVERHANG - An over width load is to be placed on the vehicle as far as possible to the right so as to present the least hazard to the public. DIVISIBLE LOADING - An over legal dimension and/or weight load which is divisible to legal or smaller permit dimensions and/or weight is not authorized for movement. TIRE LIMIT- No tire, on the foremost and rearmost steering axle, can be loaded heavier than 600 lbs. per inch of tire width or the manufacturer's recommended load, whichever is less. On other axles, nor tire can be loaded heavier than 500 lbs. per inch of tire width or manufacturer's recommended maximum load, whichever is less. LEGAL DIMENSION LIMITATIONS - A permit for movement is required if the following legal limitations are exceeded by equipment and/or vehicles INCLUDING load: maximum overall width - 8 feet 6 inches; maximum overall height - 13 feet 6 inches; maximum overall length for: single motor vehicle = 45 feet, truck crane = 48 feet, semi-trailer of two vehicle combination = 48 feet (53' if distance from kingpin to center of rear axle group is 43' or less), each trailer or semi-trailer of a twin trailer combination = 28 feet 6 inches, combination of 2 vehicles = 75 feet, truck-tractor with semi-trailer combination = 75 feet, trailer of two vehicle combination = 45 feet. Truck tractor with semi-trailer combinations that exceed 75 feet overall and all twin trailer combinations must operate only on four lane (or more) divided highways or other public highways and roadways designated by the Minnesota Commissioner of Transportation as National Truck Network or Minnesota Twin Trailer Network Routes for long combination vehicles. Single vehicles within these combinations must meet legal maximums.
    All length limits include front and rear overhang.
    LEGAL GROSS WEIGHT LIMITATION - The gross weight of any one axle shall not exceed 18,000 lbs. on 9 ton Routes nor 20,000 lbs. on 10 Ton Designated Routes. No tandem axle group shall exceed 34,000 lbs. on all routes. A single axle is defined by law as including all wheels whose centers may be within 40 inches apart. The maximum total gross weight on all axles may not exceed 73,280 on 5 axle combination except on all interstate and 10 Ton Designated routes where a 5 axle combination may not exceed 80,000 lbs. A 6 axle combination of vehicles may not exceed a total gross weight on 80,000 lbs. on all routes. LICENSE PLATES, MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION AND TAX LAWS - This permit does not authorize or does not in any way apply to the use of license plates, and has no effect on the motor vehicle registration or motor vehicle tax laws of Minnesota.

Invoice #2504 (06/10/2013)

Charge Cost Quantity Total
added 06/10/2013 11:01 AM

Submit payment within 30 days of permit application. Payable to ST. LOUIS COUNTY AUDITOR. Please note the permit number when making payment. Thank you.

$114.00 x 1 $114.00
Grand Total
Total $114.00
Payment 06/10/2013$114.00
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ApplicantBrian P. Foster - 06/07/2013 2:45 PM
#1 Permit AdministratorChristine Clark - 06/10/2013 11:01 AM
Permit has been approved. All signatures have been obtained.
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